Celebrating the Love of Friends in a Loving World

Celebrating the Love of Friends in a Loving World
Red Roses for You, My Sweet Friends ... Total Love.

My Sweet Friends

My sweet friends,

We grow closer to each other;

When we interact together and share ideas;

The common faith that we share,

Binds our hearts in one accord.

For sweet friendships last a life time,

When built on mutual respect, humility and understanding;

Throughout each different season,

We find we are one in life.

Sweet friends are there through times of grief;

And times when hope is gone;

Always there with encouragement;

So we can carry on.

I thank the Lord for you,

My true and faithful friends;

To fondly speak with you, whether we agree or not,

On this, our beloved blog;

For sweet friends will stay, no matter what;

Giving support.

Together, our hearts and minds truly unite;

With the amazing love of sweet friends.

In the spirit of true friendship,

Best wishes, my sweet friends;

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

I remain, yours truly,

B.B. Bakampa.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Almost Deafened By Incessant Wails

Often me heard loud cries.


Those of an injured bull


For beef in a nearby abattoir.

Not just ordinary cries were they.


Shrill wails for help!

Very scary indeed.

“Wind sounds they are,” thought I before

But soon became they frequent and regular…

To the point of deafening me!

Those incessant wails.

And now me realized,

That I was mistaken;

Loud moans of a battered child were they.

A helpless soul beseeching its beastly tormentor

To have mercy upon it.

A victim of corporal punishment was this child.

“Oh God! How can I help?”

Me asked myself thus.

“You must do something…!”

Commanded a voice within me

Like a good soldier,

Me gladly obliged.

What expects you that did I?

Definitely, me reported to the Police

Swift and eager were those law agents

In apprehending the ‘Big Punisher’.

Hooray! The incessant wails are no more

And I won’t become deaf.

Me is an all time winner

Because I changed someone’s life…a needy child’s

Me made the world a better place

For it to live––so can you

For that child facing the same predicament

Together we can rid the world of corporal punishment.

Bakampa Brian Baryaguma