Celebrating the Love of Friends in a Loving World

Celebrating the Love of Friends in a Loving World
Red Roses for You, My Sweet Friends ... Total Love.

My Sweet Friends

My sweet friends,

We grow closer to each other;

When we interact together and share ideas;

The common faith that we share,

Binds our hearts in one accord.

For sweet friendships last a life time,

When built on mutual respect, humility and understanding;

Throughout each different season,

We find we are one in life.

Sweet friends are there through times of grief;

And times when hope is gone;

Always there with encouragement;

So we can carry on.

I thank the Lord for you,

My true and faithful friends;

To fondly speak with you, whether we agree or not,

On this, our beloved blog;

For sweet friends will stay, no matter what;

Giving support.

Together, our hearts and minds truly unite;

With the amazing love of sweet friends.

In the spirit of true friendship,

Best wishes, my sweet friends;

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

I remain, yours truly,

B.B. Bakampa.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Gains And Burdens Of Hosting Functions

By Bakampa Brian Baryaguma

Lately, our home has become a popular venue for hosting our family’s functions and events. Initially it was merely a venue for family meetings where all relatives gathered to discuss family issues, draw the way forward and generally interact together but this has been notched up––now it is a centre for various family functions, ranging from reconciliation to introduction parties.

If the function will not be held here, then the preparatory meetings will, such that whatever the case may be, we shall still be involved as a home. This is an opportunity as much as it is a challenge: an opportunity because there are several gains of hosting these functions and a challenge because they are burdensome.

Concerning the gains; it feels very nice seeing and having people around you. It shows that they value and hold you in high esteem. Knowing that our home is a centre of unity is great and beneficial to us. We don’t have to spend time and money visiting our relatives because they find us here.

In the traditional and contemporary African setting, receiving visitors is a source of enormous respect and prestige. This is reason why we, the Bakiga, have a saying that, “eka etagibwamu’bantu, eba erimu ekishobire,” which literally means that “a home that never receives people normally has something wrong in it.”

Take for example, a certain family in Kabale district organized a party and prepared a lot of food but nobody (not even relatives or renowned village beggars) attended it with the result that all the food was wasted! This was total embarrassment and a classic example of a home with something terribly wrong in it. Since no single event has flopped at our home, for us this is a huge achievement.

Then there are other benefits like the availability of plenty of food and beverages for us to enjoy during and after the celebrations. I need not mention things like charcoal for cooking.

But hosting these functions isn’t entirely an easy going thing as they are quite burdensome. For example, we incur monetary costs of beautifying the home to make it presentable to our visitors, some of which would be unnecessary under normal circumstances. We also inevitably contribute so much towards the feeding expenses. Then of course there is very hectic work to do from beginning to end including the task of carrying and shifting household properties especially seats. Probably the more stressful and tiring one of them all is the washing of used utensils. Nearly every cup, glass, plate, dish, fork and anything able to hold food or drinks is used and has to be washed thereafter. You should also consider that quite a number of them get broken in the process.

There is also the totally annoying part of it which involves loss of our property. It is not unusual to find that some things are either misplaced or have been stolen all together. For instance, I once lost a brand new original Sony flash disk which I had left plugged in my computer. I suspect that one of my cousins stole it while in my room.

At the end of the day though, the fact remains that it is always lots of fun hosting people at our home and we promise to do our best at all times. We also know for sure that it is not by power or might but by the grace of God that we are able to attract everybody to our humble abode.