Celebrating the Love of Friends in a Loving World

Celebrating the Love of Friends in a Loving World
Red Roses for You, My Sweet Friends ... Total Love.

My Sweet Friends

My sweet friends,

We grow closer to each other;

When we interact together and share ideas;

The common faith that we share,

Binds our hearts in one accord.

For sweet friendships last a life time,

When built on mutual respect, humility and understanding;

Throughout each different season,

We find we are one in life.

Sweet friends are there through times of grief;

And times when hope is gone;

Always there with encouragement;

So we can carry on.

I thank the Lord for you,

My true and faithful friends;

To fondly speak with you, whether we agree or not,

On this, our beloved blog;

For sweet friends will stay, no matter what;

Giving support.

Together, our hearts and minds truly unite;

With the amazing love of sweet friends.

In the spirit of true friendship,

Best wishes, my sweet friends;

May the Lord bless you abundantly.

I remain, yours truly,

B.B. Bakampa.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014


                                                  MAKERERE UNIVERSITY, 
                                                  CHRISTIAN UNION,
                                                  P.O BOX 7062, KAMPALA.

Thursday, 22 May, 2014.



The Christian Community in Makerere University has in the very recent past been at the centre of a brewing controversy and conspiracy manned by highly respected and prominent individuals. The spirit of this public statement is not accusation or a smear campaign. As the Christian Union in Makerere, following the making of independent and unbiased investigations, we have come to certain vital conclusions that we now bring to the attention of the public. This is not in the spirit of balancing precision, but in the very spirit of men like Martin Luther who stood for what they believed, we understand that we are ‘not only responsible for what we say but also for what we do not say.’ Silence is itself a weapon but evil festers when good men do nothing. Scripture implores us to prove all things [1 Thessalonians 5:21]. Therefore, we take this course for the benefit of the innocent Christian whose mind has been tarnished by baseless and concocted allegations and for that believer to whom we owe accountability in the line of the other side of the coin to this story.


Makerere University is a secular institution with freedom of worship as constitutionally guaranteed. It has a Christian Union with over one hundred fellowships that ascribe to the non-denominational call. Several churches, pastors and organizations with a genuine interest in the raising of a God fearing generation of youths participate in these numerous fellowships. Of note is the Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS). The Christian Union is eternally grateful for their input.

However, Mrs. Beatrice Langariti, the General Secretary to FOCUS, in collusion with several Pastors, notably Apostle Ken Umoja, Isaac Senyonjo and Ivan Isiko have launched an unparalleled campaign of false accusations, defamation and insults against otherwise innocent individuals. These individuals include preachers, students and student leaders. Mrs. Langariti also teamed up with ministers such as Micheal Kyazze who have dedicated the rest of their lives to policing other pastors; acting as the public’s voice for pastoral excesses and have made a general career in maligning other men’s ministries. It is a conspiracy so steeped in lies that we deem it worthy of public exposure.

The Christian Union:

The Christian Union is mother to the various fellowships that congregate on a weekly basis, both in the halls of residence and the different schools on the campus. Its impact in the University cannot be down-played considering the thousands of students that attend the said fellowships.
Over the past few years, the Union has seen great increase in student attendances in a number of the fellowships.  An example is the Afro-stone fellowship. It is unequalled in both growth and impact. From a mere gathering of six students, the fellowship has grown to a congregation amounting to thousands that assemble every Monday in the Livingstone Hall terrace.

Because we ought to give honour where honour is due, this massive growth was not random. It is all thanks to the tireless and sacrificial ministry of labourers like Apostle Grace Lubega, Pastor Isaiah Mbuga and several other ministers who have won the hearts of countless students for their exemplification of truth and labours of Love. As such, their prominence in the University fellowships is undisputed. 

The ripple effects of their labours are spreading to all the fellowships.
We bear witness to the cold nights of intercessory prayer with these men, to the days, rain or shine, when they availed themselves to minister after tiring days at their demanding jobs, to the selfless sharing of their vast wisdom and depth of knowledge, to countless sacrifices made because they carried the very heart of God for the Church and Uganda’s youth.

Students gathered by the numbers in response to this call for change, revival and transformation. They sacrificed their valuable time in these days of prayer, placed the desire for change beyond their other needs for leisure and other indulgences, to believe and stand for change in the university.

Scripture says wisdom is justified of her children [Luke 7:35], for the labours of these students and these able ministers were not in vain. As a Union, we have seen students walk out of addictions ranging from alcoholism to homosexuality. We have seen them pray for the lame in the name of Jesus and they walked. We have seen them give sight to the blind. We have seen those that had been written off as ‘wasted’ preach the gospel of Christ in truth. We have seen them carry the burden for their own generation as they respond to the call of God upon their lives and by the thousands, daily they count all things but loss for the excellence of the knowledge that is in Christ [Philippians 3:8]. Fruit is its own testimony.

The Conspiracy:

Mrs. Langariti, Apostle Ken Umoja, Micheal Kyazze, Isaac Senyonjo and Ivan Isiko  have resorted to extremely high handed ways of regaining popularity and control of the university Christian community. From downright pettiness to diabolical concoctions, their resolve has demonstrated an unnerving zeal to re-assert their authority over an institution that has otherwise never been under their influence.

The words of Mr. Micheal Kyazze are informative of this and we quote, “We are tired of young boys of twenty and twenty one years of age sitting down as leaders of the Christian Union to decide who can or cannot preach at Makerere … If the Christian Union leadership will not invite me to preach in the Christian Union, FOCUS will.’

They went ahead to write or reach out to a number of churches within and outside Kampala, warning them of the ‘cult’ that they claim is devouring the minds of countless Christian intellectuals. They constituted teams of two to three individuals to go to these churches and spread their false propaganda.

To facilitate this further, some of these ministers offered money to a number of Christian leaders in the university fellowships to testify to the truth of the false allegations they are making. They have gone ahead to deploy spies at the meetings of the Christian Union fellowships. They record the deliberations of the Union’s prominent preachers and always seek occasion to twist what was otherwise simple biblical truth.

These individuals went ahead to dissolve the duly constituted Christian Union Committee. After only one week in its leadership, the Christian Union Committee was declared to be ineffective. Within three months, Mrs. Langariti and her masquerading reformers selected their own; one that could play puppet to their dictates. The new committee was selected from ‘favorable churches.’ All this was done without the knowledge of the patron to the Christian Union. Was one week enough to judge the effectiveness of a committee? Could FOCUS have not put the so called ineffective leaders through training as has been its mandate? We stand aghast at such arbitrariness. This was students’ voices being smothered by none students. It was a true abuse of a basic privilege of the student community in voting for its own leaders as led by the Holy Spirit. The bible has taught restoration in love and gentleness [Gal 6:1]. How could a committee be written off without seeking to restore these students or give them a fair consideration? Which church does FOCUS submit to? It is of note that this new kangaroo committee is already split in factions and no longer conducts fellowships or holds meetings as the original CU had previously attracted countless students. Its sole purpose was to serve the ambitions of Beatrice Langariti and her cohorts and having been used and trashed, it appears to have outlived its importance.

Further still, several conferences have been arranged in the university by the same individuals; not to discuss Christ our savior and the dying souls that we are called to preach to, but rather against other ministers of the gospel and how they ought to be avoided.

They have also threatened to deploy police with tear gas to disorganize these weekly meetings.

In order to appeal to the public’s strong sense of morality, they have made crude defamatory, slanderous, preposterous and derogatory accusations against these ministers:

 Herein is a brief lineup of the accusations:
1. That these preachers tell students to go and sin and to fornicate. To facilitate this, they distribute condoms during the meetings.
2. That the student leadership is sleeping together with one another, both in C.U and other fellowships.
3. That these preachers run abortion rooms in Africa Hall.
4. That the preachers are promoting homosexuality.
5. That the preachers teach students to write their exams in tongues.


1. Our independent investigations as a Christian Union indicate that these allegations are baseless and unfounded. There is no iota of evidence to prove them. Neither Mrs. Langariti, Apostle Ken, Isaac Senyonjo nor Ivan Isiko can substantiate these claims. Having worked hand-in-glove with the said ministers, we know and affirm that the accused ministers are decidedly strong advocates for holiness and virtue. Countless lives have been transformed by their message of the grace and love of God. Former Alcoholic students now walk about the campus not with bottles but bibles. Rather than manipulate, they have preached and loved many out of the clutches of promiscuity.

2. The Committee that Mrs. Beatrice Langariti and her minions constituted to investigate the Christian Union and its preachers, acted as investigator, prosecutor and judge in its own cause. They did not have viable evidence. It was made up of sworn enemies to these ministers of the gospel. We truly marvel at their sense of justice and fairness.

3. Since some of them stooped as low as offering money to buy false testimony, they are extremely lacking in the moral authority to even deliberate over the matter or decide on the future of Uganda’s Christian youth or what form of doctrine ought to be preached in the university.

4. We as a Union have come to understand that the underlying motive was the desire for influence.  Apostle Ken Umoja declared that he is ‘the spiritual authority’ over the University. We as a Union cannot judge on what a man hears from the Lord in the privacy of his communion with God. Apostle Ken Umoja is welcome to carry any title and crown duly bestowed upon him by heaven. However, it would appear that the said individuals are compensating for their lack of impact by fighting others who through sacrifice and the preaching of truth are making history in Makerere University.

5. We also appreciate that the men who are leading the fight against these esteemed ministers of our Lord possibly carry a wrong stand on scripture and the foundational doctrine of the grace of God, as they assume that we listen to a message that is a license to sin. How ridiculous! We do not claim any superiority in knowledge, but we assert that what made the Bereans nobler than the men at Thessalonica was the diligence and humility to search out the scriptures after Paul had preached and to establish whether indeed his form of doctrine was truth [Acts 17:10-12]. We humbly suggest that perhaps a grain of humility in their very religious and moral bones would save them a whole lot of embarrassment if they diverted their energies and time from fighting others to searching the scriptures.
6. Justification by faith and the doctrine of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christian truth. It is at the root of church history and has driven the great revivals of the past. Paul, the Great Apostle, who laid the foundation of the gospel declared that he was called to preach no other gospel, but that of the grace of God [Acts 20:24]. In Galatians 1:8, he makes a resounding reprimand that if anyone preaches any other gospel, save that which he had delivered, let him be accursed. We, as a Union, cannot bear such a curse from such an apostolic proclamation by agreeing to the form of doctrine that Mrs. Langariti, Apostle Ken, Isaac Senyonjo, Ivan Isiko and Micheal Kyazze are fronting. We, like Paul, refuse to frustrate the grace of God for if righteousness came by the law, then Christ is dead in vain [Galatians 2:21]. Sadly, to them it resounds as though we support living wasted and reckless lives with no regard to holiness.

7. Mrs Langariti and the ministers she is collaborating with, as self acclaimed doctrinal watch-dogs over the church of Christ and the University, disregarded the biblical lines of restoration before they passed their verdict on their fellow ministers. Titus 3:10 states that a man that is considered a heretic, after the first and second admonition, reject. Mrs. Langariti and her co-conspirators acted outside the maturity in love that first cautions a fellow brother the first and second time before rejecting them. They judged men guilty way before they even saw their faces. As such, the example they have set is not one that the Christian Union is willing to follow.

8. The Christian Union does not seek to down-play, water down or trample the work of FOCUS on the University campus. We are cognizant of its contributions to the Christian community. However, we are concerned that its leadership, under Mrs. Beatrice Langariti, has taken a misguided path of doctrinal policing, politicking and a vain quest for public acclaim. We believe that the esteemed General Secretary is using her position to fight personal battles and regain popularity in the fellowships. Under her leadership, FOCUS has ceased to hold the leadership training sessions it previously held with such zeal. Now all it holds are ‘attack-and-accuse-other-ministers’ sessions. What Makerere University needs is the light of the gospel, not brimstone, fire and smoke that is being breathed out of the mouth of Mrs. Langariti and her cronies. We also note with concern that her leadership has turned out to be a reign of terror where money rules the day. Formerly, all Christian Union retreats were held at the FOCUS grounds in Entebbe. However, because of the exorbitant costs that the new FOCUS leadership instigated, the Christian Union and its fellowships have resorted to having retreats at alternative sites like Kasangati. Students that are indebted to FOCUS for the use of its grounds have been asked to repay the same with interest. We also insist that Mrs. Langariti’s use of the police to handle matters that could otherwise be discussed at the round table is uncalled for. The Christian Union has fallen victim to this approach on a number of occasions. We bear record of a retreat wherein the esteemed General Secretary summoned the police to arrest the Christian Union leaders for failure to pay up for a debt that to all intents and purposes had not even been incurred. In fact, the Christian Union handover, wherein the new kangaroo committee was selected, had a heavy deployment of police, armed to the teeth with tear gas. One might have mistakenly assumed that they were being protected from some escaped convicts and not fellow Christians. As a Union, we cannot deal with a leadership where bullets and military artillery take the place of love, kindness or simple diplomacy.

9. When we consider the perspective of reality, we are forced to ask whether the thousands of intellectuals that are attending the fellowships are all immature, obtuse and deluded. The question they ought to ask themselves is why students would want to attend one meeting by the thousands and barely turn up for another. We believe that the insinuation that these thousands of students have been indoctrinated and misled is a total insult to their intelligence.

10. We, as a Union, are alive to the mandate of the Church of Christ. The Church has its work cut out for it in bringing hope to a dying world. Even though we are ready to work with any entity and group that is zealous for the gospel of our Lord, we draw the line in the sand for those that are pre-occupied with doctrinal battles and the need to assert authority rather than preach the word. In truth, thanks to the ‘smear’ conferences that Mrs. Langariti, Apostle Ken Umoja, Isaac Senyonjo, Ivan Isiko and Micheal Kyazze have held, the numbers in our fellowships have multiplied for therein have they aroused the curiosity of many and sent them panting in search of truth. However, since much more can be achieved through love we stay open to reconciliation with any such persons or groups.

11. The Christian Union remains strong, matching forward, relentless. In pursuit of truth, we shall always remain standing, undaunted, not intimidated and impervious, to the glory of our Lord and saviour.

We salute you in the name of Jesus Christ.

The undersigned are committee members of the Christian Union and hereon append their signatures in affirmation of the above.*

 Aijuka Brian

Ann Kaguna
Vice Chairperson

Kassabe Nehemiah

Rutakingirwa Morris
Bible Study Coordinator

Makako Enock
Vice Chairperson, Intercessor's Committee

Lukoosi Eve
Vice General Secretary

Byaba Bernard
Prayer Coordinator, Intercessor's Committee

Nakimera Joan
Prayer Secretary

Bright Martin
General Secretary, Intercessor's Committee

Naddamba Maureen
Praise & amp; Worship Team, Publicity Secretary

Ndagire Sharon
Treasurer, Non-Residents

Mukembo Joshua
Prayer Secretary Praise & amp; Worship

Namirimu Phiona
Accounts Secretary

Arinaitwe Priscilla
Vice Chairperson, Special Projects Committee

Baguma Colbert
Chairperson, Praise & amp; Worship

Kobusheshe Hillary
Special Projects Committee

Kemiyondo Honest
Prayer Secretary, Non-Residents

Kirabo Aurah
General Secretary (Praise & amp; Worship)

Keya Phillip
Sound Coordinator

Muhumuza Doreen
Treasurer Praise & amp; Worship

Segawa Jimmy
Music Director

Bufumbo Victo
Alumni Coordinator

Mayanja Daniel
Chairperson, Non-Residents

Oroma Godfrey

Ainembabazi Jackie
Vice Chairperson - Non-Residents

Namuhenge Victoria
Wing Coordinator

Nakiranda Caroline
Vice Chairperson, Intercessors

* signatures appended to hard copy document